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Best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy

It is not easy to find the best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy, once you arrive you will be overwhelmed by the amounts of traditional and high-end eateries and, unfortunately, many ‘tourist traps’. With this vegan restarants in Venice review, I would like to share my personal experience and opinion on the best vegan restaurants in Venice and hopefully be ... Read More »

Vegan Focaccia potatoes and rosemary

Preparing focaccia dough for potatoes and rosemary focaccia

Vegan focaccia potatoes and rosemary is heaven made food and I am going to show you this rustic Italian traditional recipe. Today we are going to make Vegan focaccia potatoes and rosemary  *insert drool here*.  This is one of my favorite food in the world. Paired with a fresh salad and a refreshing drink, it is a perfect Italian antipasto. ... Read More »

Vegan fried sage Italian food themed antipasto

Vegan fried sage (Salvia fritta) is an absolute favorite Italian style antipasto for the whole family. It is very simple to make and absolutely delicious. Vegan fried sage was one of our post Christmas dinner vegan starters so we ccould  nibble on while waiting for our pizzas finished baking in the oven. AN EASY VEGAN STARTER WITH A VERY LOW ... Read More »

I can’t believe you can make vegan instant pot wine!

Vegan instant pot wine is not a lie, I swear. Yes: you can actually make wine in your instant pot. Vegan instant pot wine! Finally the never ending search for a vegan wine in supermarkets is over. Forget those confused looks of wine store attendants when you dare asking if they have ‘any vegan friendly wine’ in stock. Well now vegan ... Read More »

custom pet dog cat portrait: my new Etsy shop now open for commissions!

    I just opened my Etsy shop for pet portraits on commission! I always loved drawing, since I was a child. I use charcoal carbothello pencils and pastels on sanded ‘colorfix’ paper to recreate realistic portrait of your dog, cat, or any beloved pet portrait. I thought of sharing with you in case anyone is interested, my rates are ... Read More »

Vegan wedding in Italy : a survival guide

Two vegans getting married in Italy, with an all vegan wedding buffet, served dinner, cakes and final gran buffet of desserts. All organised by email from New Zealand. Mission possible! Here is the story of how we managed to organise our entirely vegan wedding menu, with a great feedback from all guests attending the vegan wedding ceremony and reception. Duncan ... Read More »

Vegan chickpea meatballs with tomato and herbs

My latest addition to the table has been this little cheeky number: an easy vegan chickpea meatballs dish in tomato soup and fresh herbs from our garden. Finally has summer manifested in New Zealand, and we had a couple of wonderful days this week, strolling along the beach and wanting nothing else than salads and fresh fruit. However this weekend ... Read More »

Vegan rice paper bacon bits (vegan pancetta style) invented by sweetasvegan

I think I might just have accidentally invented vegan rice paper bacon bits ! I say accidentally because I was just trying to make the already famous vegan rice paper bacon recipe by changing some ingredients and avoiding the soaking and coating steps and I ended up with a disastrous ball of rice paper dough after trying to attempt the rice ... Read More »

Veganella vegan nutella cake with kidney beans by sweetasvegan

Today I am finally sharing a dessert recipe: veganella hazelnut vegan nutella cake , which from a blog called ‘sweet as vegan’ sounds something that should probably happen more often! Well, I really hope you will try this veganella hazelnut vegan nutella cake , which I like to call veganella cake. The first thing I am going to say to catch your ... Read More »

Vegan seitan roast: pea flour based recipe

  I made a yummy vegan seitan roast with pea flour last Sunday. Yes, pea flour, not chickpeas. Thought to share with you as it’s cheap, delicious and nutritious. I particularly loved the texture of this seitan roast, covered with a crust of cashews, nutritional yeast and breadcrumbs. There’s an awesome shop here in Auckland called ‘bulk saving store’, where you ... Read More »

introducing vegan masharella! The vegan mozzarella cheese with instant mash potato :o)

Today I am going to talk to you about my new vegan mozzarella cheese made with instant mash potato: I decided to call my new baby ‘masharella’. Don’t you think it’s cute? There are culinary experiments that will never be shared by food bloggers because they turn out a disaster, others instead are just too good and exciting and need ... Read More »

Happy vegan prawns recipe by sweetasvegan

Here I am with another vegan recipe for my fellow vegans: today we’ll be making vegan prawns from scratch! Firstly let me say that I do no intend to offend anyone with the realistic resemblance of this vegan product to the real animals: everything I do is intended in the full respect of all living creatures and to help any transitioning vegans ... Read More »

vegan clams sauce with linguine pasta recipe

vegan clams pasta sauce with linguine

    Brace yourself vegan friends! Vegan clams are now a thing! I just created such a delicious sauce for our linguine today, so so so tasty and I am sorry to come back with yet another savoury recipe but I just had to share my vegan clams with you all. I am lucky enough to live very close to ... Read More »

Vegan fish fillet with jackfruit by sweetasvegan

I am so happy right now my friends: I have finally managed to create a vegan fish fillet, or better a vegan no-fish fillet. Or veg-fish. How shall we call it? Anyway, this is a fun and very tasty recipe for those of you transitioning to veganism, or veteran vegans like myself that are sometimes missing the ocean taste but not the cruelty ... Read More »

vegan mortadella luncheon Italian style recipe

Vegan mortadella (Italian luncheon vegan version)

Welcome to my new vegan mortadella luncheon recipe inspired to Italian culinary tradition, but without the cruelty: a delicious vegan version of the typical mortadella. A fragrant luncheon commonly eaten sliced  with freshly baked bread or for a quick meal. Another name for this vegan mortadella luncheon is also ‘Bologna’. Typically contains black pepper grains, and sometimes pistachio nuts. In ... Read More »

Vegan olive ascolane (stuffed olives Italian starter) with hazelnut and walnuts white wine stuffing

Today I would like to introduce delicious traditional Italian antipasto (starter), in my very own vegan version: stuffed olive ascolana style. Trust me these will be appreciated and devoured by anyone that doesn’t hate olives! A real treat and good both cold or warm, served with a fresh salad and a slice of lemon. I used a rather large type ... Read More »

Vegan frittata (or omelette)? Yes we can…with cannellini beans!

No eggs? No problem.

Vegan omelette? Mais oui! Cruelty free frittata? Certamente! Eggless frittata is the new yellow! I went a bit crazy tonight in the kitchen as I am running out of food in my pantry and this week has been hellish with no time for some proper shopping. Had to come up with a decent and nutrition idea for our work lunches ... Read More »

Vegan bacon rice paper facon vacon. mmm…Vacon!

What is this sorcery??? Be ready to say: Mmm…vacon! vegan bacon rice paper facon vacon that looks like the real, bloody thing and it tastes great? How did I do that? After having so much fun with my previous Italian salame style sausage I have read today about this game changing home made vegan bacon  (aka cruelty and cholesterol free vegan bacon ... Read More »

Vegan salame (or salami!) recipe and thoughts about faking meat and hiding cruelty

my version of Italian style vegan salame

After a few days away on a family reunion for Easter, without cooking for 4 days I felt that the best way to chill out and relax would be crafting a tempting looking vegan salame (or salami, as internationally known).  I must admit this  vegan salami experiment was good fun! The result is very satisfactory, both for the eyes and ... Read More »

vegan cheese quest episode 1: VEGAN HERBS AND GARLIC BOURSIN-LIKE spread cheese

Du pain, du vin, and du vegan boursin cheese? Mais oui! I have been testing this rich creamy spreadable vegan cream cheese recipe before, but it was a different version of it, involving smoked paprika and no herbs and has been a successful experiment. I must say this is one of my favourite vegan cheeses recipe (along with the very ... Read More »

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