Best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy
vegan seitan roast at la Tecia Vegana in Venice

Best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy

It is not easy to find the best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy, once you arrive you will be overwhelmed by the amounts of traditional and high-end eateries and, unfortunately, many ‘tourist traps’.

With this vegan restarants in Venice review, I would like to share my personal experience and opinion on the best vegan restaurants in Venice and hopefully be of help to some of you during your vegan Venice travel!

I will also share some practical info that I found extremely useful in the wonderful city of Venezia, I am from Italy but had only been to Venice before being vegan back in the early 2000’s so I did not remember much. This time I came back to celebrate our second wedding anniversary and absolutely loved the experience. Both my husband and I are vegan and did not struggle at all to find delicious food.

So here are my top recommendations for best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy.

  1. LA TECIA VEGANA , Dorsoduro, 2104, 30123 Venezia VE (closed on Monday) Menu sample here 

La Tecia Vegana is an absolutely wonderful experience and a must try if you are in Venice. It is the only fully vegan restaurant in Venice and is managed by wonderful people. It is not in the center, I will explain shortly how to get to this beautiful vegan eatery in Venice but first let these pictures try to do some justice to the tastebud explosion we experienced during our visit at La Tecia Vegana. We found it also very reasonably priced, especially compared to other vegan restaurants we found in Venice.

As a main, I ordered a vegan lasagna. The portion was just perfect, considering I had already planned to order a second dish and one of the many amazing vegan desserts (turned out more than one vegan desserts eventually as you will see). This vegan lasagna was easily one of the best vegan lasagnas I have ever tried in these last 10 years as a vegan. It brought back memories of Sunday meals with homely food and traditional Italian full and robust flavors. I think even just this simple traditional vegan lasagna is completely worth the trip to La Tecia Vegana and fully deserves the crown of best vegan restaurant in Venice because of this dish. But more to come…

vegan lasagna at La Tecia Vegana in Venice Italy




























My husband Duncan ordered homemade gnocchi made with vegan red cabbage pesto in a beautiful purple color. They were creamy and tasted amazing, and a pleasure to eat.

homemade vegan gnocchi with purple cabbage at La Tecia Vegana vegan restaurant in Venice




























So happy and satisfied with our main pasta dishes, we were overwhelmed with the amazing selection from the menu, and as we had heard so many incredible reviews of their seitan roast, we both decided to order the same. The vegan roast at La Tecia Vegana comes with flavoursome roast potatoes and fresh green salad. The vegan roast is tender and succulent and I did not detect any typical ‘seitan’ gluten flavour, as sometimes it can be annoying. This roast was just amazing.

vegan seitan roast at la Tecia Vegana in Venice






















We also ordered 1.2 litre of red wine (delicious!)  and a side of greens with chilli and garlic (cicoria)

cicoria greens at la tecia vegan in Venice






















Now to the best part: the dessert! We had dreamt of trying La Tecia Vegana vegan tiramisu in Venice however as we were quite late for dinner on the night we went, we were devastated to be informed the vegan tiramisu had been sold out! The staff was incredibly nice and even suggested we go the following day, our way to the station and they would give us some tiramisu earlier than their opening time. Amazing folks.

We were not disappointed with the dessert. We even ordered two additional vegan cake slices to take back to our hotel room for breakfast. Our choice of vegan dessert at the restaurant went for vegan cannoli as I hadn’t eaten cannoli for 10 years and really missed the taste. We also wanted to try a very curious recipe combination created by the restaurant owner: vegan chocolate truffles with olives! They tasted surprisingly good and we loved the weird unusual contrast of the dark cocoa flavor combined with the salty olive flavor.

vegan cannoli and vegan chocolate truffle with olives in venice






















We also ordered a slice of pistachio cake and a slice of hazelnut and chocolate cake to take away (sorry no photo!) and we enjoyed them for breakfast in our hotel room the following morning. I particularly loved the hazelnut and chocolate vegan cake.

PRACTICAL TIP: Reaching this vegan restaurant in Venice might seem a bit of an effort because it is not located in the very centre of the city. But trust me it is actually pretty easy to get there. We made the most of our Vaporetto 24 hours tickets (ferry public transport) as we had used these tickets to visit Murano and Burano during the day, and caught the line 5.1 from San Marco -Zaccaria platform and reached St Marta stop within 20 minutes. From St Marta, La Tecia Vegana is about 3 minutes walk!

Our bill, including all of the above, wine, side of greens, extra desserts etc. came to about 70 euros for two. This is not much at all compared to Venice restaurant standards!

My vote: 10/10 

La Tecia Vegana in Venice deserves a full 10, because of the incredible flavours, the value for money and the kindness of the owner and the staff. Thank you for this wonderful vegan culinary experience. I also particularly loved the compassion themed tshirts that the staff was wearing and the open bird cage by the entrance <3


2. PIZZERIA L’ANGELO Calle de la Mandola, 3711, 30124 San Marco, Venezia (open every day from 11.30 am)

This small but popular pizza take away shop is right in the centre of Venice and not far from La Fenice Theatre. Pizzeria L’angelo offers a variety of vegan paninis as well as vegan pizza from their menu. We even decided to take away 4 of their paninis for our train trip back to Cremona and it was a great idea! Pizzeria L’Angelo is a great spot for a cheap and tasty vegan snack on the go while walking around the narrow streets in Venice. They do not have tables in the shop, so bear this in mind. It is really a takeaway spot. If you are planning a trip to Murano and Burano maybe consider buying a couple of vegan panini the day before and take them with you like a packed lunch for the trip.

This vegan pizza takeaway in Venice opens at 11.30 but if you are a bit early they will let you in any way to sort your order, at least so they kindly did with us.

The panini are really tasty, I really liked the mopur one.  Mopur is like a thinly sliced vegan prosciutto. This vegan shop is also very reasonably priced considering its premium location in Venice! One sandwich is only 3.5 Euros and quite filling. Although I was greedy and ordered two!


Vegan pizzeria l’Angelo Venice






















Mopur/Lupino and coconut oil cheese were a hit even with my husband, while I was not too sure of the hummus one as it had not much of a lemony flavour and whole chickpeas in it. Still nice but not exciting.

They have a whole section of their menu dedicated to vegan pizza, either in ‘normal’ size or ‘family’ size…

vegan pizza in Venice at Pizzeria l’Angelo






















We did not try these pizza, but have heard nice things about them. I am posting the menu above for your information.

vegan cookies at Pizzeria l’Angelo in Venice




























My vote: 8/10 Because of the value for money, the variety of filling and the wholemeal type of bread of the paninis. Thank you Pizzeria L’Angelo for your vegan offer!

3) RISTORANTE DA MARIO ALLA FAVA  Calle Dei Stagneri San Marco 5242 Venice (open every day)

This traditional and upper-market Venetian restaurant offers a vegan menu, including 4 options as a dessert. We had tried to book at the Tecia Vegana for the night of our anniversary but as it was a Monday night it was closed, therefore we decided for a special vegan dinner at Ristorante Da Mario alla Fava. This is not a cheap vegan restaurant but for some reason, we felt the quality and the amount of food was not worth the price. I would say this was a bit of hit and miss, and considering the 140 euros bill for two, definitely only to be visited for a special occasion.

I did not have my camera with me on the night so I am afraid no pictures. But I will do my best to describe the experience. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a professional Italian waiter into the crowded restaurant. It was very loud and everyone seemed to have a great time, maybe not so much the romantic atmosphere we were hoping for but definitely an environment we are quite comfortable with. The only issue is that the table next to us (basically sitting with us) had a lovely French couple eating some seafood. The lady while attempting to eat her crab (or lobster? Not sure) splashed a considerable amount of sauce from her dish on my husband’s hand. We diffused laughing about it but as you can imagine, that was not a great experience. Obviously not the restaurant fault, but worth mentioning to my vegan readers.

Now to the food experience. As a starter the waiter gave us a small sample of ‘pappa al Pomodoro’ (tomato dip) and grissini with bread. We had courgette flowers tempura (realy tasty and filled with warm veggies) and a tartare of avocado, mint and courgette which was very refreshing. More of a vegan amuse-bouche.

I had tagliatelle with porcini mushroom. They were ok. A bit too overcooked and not too flavorsome. My husband had spaghetti with brack olives sauce and he enjoyed them.

The great part of the meal was the dessert, we had the after eight chocolate spaghetti with mint vegan ice-cream and I had a coconut vegan whipped and chocolate vegan dessert and they were both lovely.

We ordered two birra moretti (our favorite vegan friendly beer) but instead they gave is two birra peroni. Oh well!

My vote: 7/10 while I appreciate the effort to cater for vegans I think this restaurant should improve the flavors of their mains, for a better value for money.  The variety of desserts offered and the fresh ingredients used for the starters make them still worth a visit for a special occasion.

4) GELATERIA SUSO Calle della Bissa, 5453, 30124 San Marco Venice (open every day from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm)

Gelateria Suso is vegan paradise for ice cream lovers! Right in the centre of Venice, always crowded with a line of hungry ice-cream lovers you will not be disappointed. Even the cones are vegan and they also offer a gluten-free cone option.

We tried dark chocolate, variegato all’amerena (sour cherry and vegan cream) and ‘Nota Nera’ which is my absolute vegan ice cream favorite. It is a mix of raspberry and dark chocolate that simply melts in your mouth. Truly divine! They also had two other flavours with madarin and mango, but we did not get a chance to try these during our stay.

PRACTICAL TIP: Go there after dinner, when Venice gets quieter and you can enjoy your vegan ice cream while strolling along the maze of narrow streets enjoying a magical silence.

My vote 10/10 and absolutely deserved!



We only stayed in Venice for 2 full days so unfortunately we only had a chance to try the above reviewed vegan restaurants. However I will update this article with more and more vegan restaurants in Venice as soon as I hear from friends and family trying them. Hopefully, this will be helpful. Have you been in Venice? Please feel free to share your tips and advice with us by leaving a comment or writing to as I always love hearing from you!



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