I can’t believe you can make vegan instant pot wine!
make vegan red wine in the instant pot

I can’t believe you can make vegan instant pot wine!

Vegan instant pot wine is not a lie, I swear. Yes: you can actually make wine in your instant pot. Vegan instant pot wine!

Finally the never ending search for a vegan wine in supermarkets is over. Forget those confused looks of wine store attendants when you dare asking if they have ‘any vegan friendly wine’ in stock. Well now vegan instant pot wine is possible, and not a hoax, we can all get to our kitchen and make this miracle happen!

make vegan red wine in the instant pot

make vegan red wine in the instant pot

Thanks to the incredibly resourceful instant pot   and its multiple range of settings from pressure cooker, to steam and yogurt maker, you will be able to follow the instructions of this genius guy that made this possible. I wish to thank you on behalf of the vegan community for sorting a never ending issue, and surely saving my Friday -post office stress – nights! Thank you because you gave us the opportunity to create delicious vegan instant pot wine.

Our new hero’s name is  food blogger David Murphy, and he is a member of a facebook group called Instant Pot Community  as , starting from a humor meme taken too seriously, figured out that the instant pot can be used to make wine by using the yogurt fuction to produce juicy delicious red wine!

After a little testing and tweaking, our new hero David Murphy published his recipe on his recipe blog foodnservice and described how much he enjoyed taking on this very creative challenge on in his post/recipe linked above. I had a look and turns out his recipe is actually vegan friendly! It produces vegan friendly wine as the products involved are ingredients such as grape juice, sugar, red wine yeast (aka Saccharomyces bayanus), and other few basic items.

You can find David Murphy’s full recipe to make vegan wine in the instant pot on his blog here 

For those that are more fans of white wine, it looks like white wine yeast also exist so I guess it’s time to experiment with vegan white wine in the instant pot? Exciting times ahead for us vegan wine drinkers!

I am not going to lie, reading the process described to make instant pot wine the first thing that comes to mind is: PATIENCE. Our instant pot wine pioneer describes the amount of hours required starting with 48 hours (so two lots of 24 hours) and within these hours you will be required to leave the instant pot vent open every few hours. If you commit to making the recipe as described by the instant pot wine inventor, you also need to be ready to wait for the next following month to enjoy it, but can also be as little as 8 days to lose the fizziness.

Our instant pot wine inventor Murphy describes the flavour of the instant pot wine as an expert sommelier: the instant pot wine apparently presents ‘hints of chocolate and dark cherries’ and it is very palatable indeed.

Sounds like the perfect deal to me as I am a cherry-chocolate-wine lover!

According to the instructions provided in the instant pot vegan wine recipe  any grape juice can be used to achieve a delicious wine, so you can expand your wine cellar and go wild with creativity. Just make sure to check the grape juice you are using is vegan friendly and doesn’t contain any gelatine or nasty stuff. I will probably look for some local organic grape juice for my very own vegan instat pot wine!

Alla salute!


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