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Best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy

It is not easy to find the best vegan restaurants in Venice Italy, once you arrive you will be overwhelmed by the amounts of traditional and high-end eateries and, unfortunately, many ‘tourist traps’. With this vegan restarants in Venice review, I would like to share my personal experience and opinion on the best vegan restaurants in Venice and hopefully be ... Read More »

Vegan Focaccia potatoes and rosemary

Preparing focaccia dough for potatoes and rosemary focaccia

Vegan focaccia potatoes and rosemary is heaven made food and I am going to show you this rustic Italian traditional recipe. Today we are going to make Vegan focaccia potatoes and rosemary  *insert drool here*.  This is one of my favorite food in the world. Paired with a fresh salad and a refreshing drink, it is a perfect Italian antipasto. ... Read More »

Vegan fried sage Italian food themed antipasto

Vegan fried sage (Salvia fritta) is an absolute favorite Italian style antipasto for the whole family. It is very simple to make and absolutely delicious. Vegan fried sage was one of our post Christmas dinner vegan starters so we ccould  nibble on while waiting for our pizzas finished baking in the oven. AN EASY VEGAN STARTER WITH A VERY LOW ... Read More »

custom pet dog cat portrait: my new Etsy shop now open for commissions!

    I just opened my Etsy shop for pet portraits on commission! I always loved drawing, since I was a child. I use charcoal carbothello pencils and pastels on sanded ‘colorfix’ paper to recreate realistic portrait of your dog, cat, or any beloved pet portrait. I thought of sharing with you in case anyone is interested, my rates are ... Read More »

innovative textile technology called PIÑATEX™ uses pinapple leaves to create fake leather products

  Entrepreneur and designer  Carmen Hijosa, was inspired by traditional Philippines clothing, which have been created for centuries by threading pineapple leaves, renown for their endurance and elegance, when she moved forward her project to create PIÑATEX™: an innovative bio-based fake leather product derived from pineapples! Sport shoes brands such as Puma and Camper, as well interior design, technology and other names ... Read More »

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