innovative textile technology called PIÑATEX™ uses pinapple leaves to create fake leather products

innovative textile technology called PIÑATEX™ uses pinapple leaves to create fake leather products


pineapple leaves fake leather fibersEntrepreneur and designer  Carmen Hijosa, was inspired by traditional Philippines clothing, which have been created for centuries by threading pineapple leaves, renown for their endurance and elegance, when she moved forward her project to create PIÑATEX™: an innovative bio-based fake leather product derived from pineapples!

Sport shoes brands such as Puma and Camper, as well interior design, technology and other names from the fashion industry are using the newly launched PIÑATEX™ fake leather for their products and prototypes.

The 100% natural product is a most welcome addition to the other alternative product such as high-tech  textile and plastic based (PU) fake leather materials used so far to replace the cruel use of animal skin, and as a plus is also cheaper and more versatile.

Pineapple leaves are a by-product of the pineapple harvests, and the smart  PIÑATEX™ idea (tested and developed in the Philippines, UK and Spain) is to re-use the leaves fibers in order to create a high quality textile alternative applicable to the fashion, accessories, upholstery and car/aviation interiors. This means that there’s no environmental impact, as no extra water or soil are required for the raw material supply.  Also, the waste and leftovers can be used as compost or recycling materials.

The texture can be printed, coloured, and has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it suitable as application in the medical industry as well.

What’s not to like, especially for us sweet vegans?

The product was presented at the Royal College of Art, showcasing several prototypes from various industries, and displaying its versatility.

This is an excellent idea, and we wish every success to this business which deserves more and more visibility as a sustainable, cruetly-free and natural product.


PIÑATEX™ Goods made from leather-alternative made from pinapple leaves fibers 2jpg


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  1. Kenneth Bright Boateng

    I am a PhD student of Art and Culture but have special and professional interest in alternative textiles for clothing and accessories. I chanced upon your article and wish to congratulate you on your achievement. I will wish to know if there is a chance to dialogue on the subject of alternative textiles as I have also done some work with banana stalk and corn shack.

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