ONLINE VEGAN ROMANCE our selection of vegan dating websites
our selections and tips for vegan dating online

ONLINE VEGAN ROMANCE our selection of vegan dating websites

If you ended on this article, you are probably a vegan single or curious to date a vegan, well look no further this might be your chance to get to know a little bit better what’s out there other than tinder and other non specific dating websites (I am being optimistic here, though, you are warned!).

So let me tell you first of all how did I came up with this idea about vegan online dating selection.

Last dinner party I attended I was asked by a new non vegan friend the much dreaded question: ‘It must be really difficult being vegan, on such a restricted diet…and how do you cope without cheese? I could never live without cheese.’ (yep, we know those kind of victims, one of the many martyrs of dairy free regimes).

Of course this wasn’t the first time I was asked this, and I explained briefly my point of view, however (and maybe because of the alcohol level in my blood) it got me thinking: yes, being vegan is actually pretty darn easy, but there’s one major issue I had never thought of before I started the life changing vegan journey: relationship and partnership issues if your other half is not vegan.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean your relationship is going to go tits up the day you turn vegan, but you will view it in a whole new light. And if you are single, well…if you are single the chances of finding your vegan Mr or Mrs Right get even narrower. That hot chick you met at a gig on Tuesday night? She might not going to look so sexy to you anymore when you will see it devouring a beef burger on your first date. The sexy guy you drooled on for a year at the gym? Not that attractive now in his leather jacket.

still waiting for a wegan girlfriend? Might be time to check out this article...

still waiting for a wegan girlfriend? Might be time to check out this article…

Quite often I stumble upon memes and jokes around internet about how difficult is to find a vegan friend other than in the virtual reality, and therefore how much of a mission it is being lucky enough to find a vegan soulmate. (I have selected the one below, you surely have seen this before…apologies for my limited originality here!)

Well the good news is that someone thought of creating dating websites specifically addressed to vegan solitary hearts, looking for romance. So keep reading on straight vegans, gay vegans, bisexual vegans, and bi-curious vegans. Maybe worth a try? I am going to spare words of caution here, as I assume you are all grown up wise and alert vegan readers, and will of course not share personal information online with the first pervert that pretends to be vegan (he/she is claiming to be vegan since the moment your chat started, possibly), right?

Listed here are some of the top vegan dating websites worldwide with a brief review, with the best of luck to all of you dear brave vegan singles.

I have not personally tested these websites yet, and I have collected the information I could find online hoping it will be of good use.


Let’s get us started then:

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 23.06.00

We cheched the user rating for veggie date on site jabber and it looks like the functionality is a bit outdated and most of all slow. However on a plus note the users mentions that the search for potential vegan partners on this veggie dating website are excellent and it seems to be pretty safe. Maybe not suitable for those impatient vegan singles out there but why not giving it a go? website











Unfortunately we have not managed to find any rating for this vegan dating website, however the site claims to be ‘the meeting place for people who are changing the world for the better’ so it sounds promising! Maybe you might find your future Ghandi here? Good luck vegan guys and girls!

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 00.05.14










Two jolly vegans pop out from a gigantic green cabbage leaf for this one and the cheerful home page graphic seems to match the opinion on site jabber: this vegan dating website is a safe choice for vegan singles as far as we can tell from the reviews on site jabber, also great for gay vegans as apparently vegetarian-single is a partner site of

This latest information appears to be also a negative aspect though, as it can happen that if you are registered also on, some of the same users (those that are vegetarian or vegan obviously) will also appear in , which could be annoying. But at least you know now.

Definitely give this one a go.

veggie phishing dating site screenshot

veggie phishing dating site screenshot













We liked the look of this one. A funky logo with what seems to be a fish with red lips offering a carrot (must be some weird subtle sort of freudian vegan sexual reference?) welcome us to the homepage. The website promises ‘Find a date that thinks — and eats — the way you do! At we help vegetarians and vegans to meet, date and cook up a healthy new relationship. Find a like-minded partner right here.’


All righty then…if not too fishy for you…check this out , it’s apparently 100% free forever so nothing to lose for sure.



I must however stress that I had the lucky accident to meet my vegan soulmate on a facebook vegan humour group, so I personally consider facebook my no.1 choice for vegan romance seeking. But be prepared to be open minded, adventurous and travel the world (speaking from the experience of someone that moved from UK to New Zealand in the name of vegan love).

Finally, if you would like to share your vegan relationship stories with sweet as vegan (happy stories or horror stories, we love to hear them all!), please send your message to: and we will publish it for you. Ah…one last piece of advice: don’t forget to check our ‘vegans of the world’ facebook page and reach out…the love of your life might be waiting right there!

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