Vegan fried sage Italian food themed antipasto
vegan fried sage

Vegan fried sage Italian food themed antipasto

Vegan fried sage (Salvia fritta) is an absolute favorite Italian style antipasto for the whole family. It is very simple to make and absolutely delicious.

Vegan fried sage was one of our post Christmas dinner vegan starters so we ccould  nibble on while waiting for our pizzas finished baking in the oven.


Vegan fried sage was a success. Eeverybody loved it! My sister in law also prepared a refreshing mocktail with mint, lemon and raspberry soda. This kept me refreshed while frying by the stove in the heat of New Zealand summer while preparing the vegan fried sage dish.

Freshly picked from the garden with a bunch of zucchini flowers, the sage leaves were big and fragrant and made the perfect raw material for the vegan fried sage dish. I will create a separate recipe for the zucchini flowers (or courgette flowers), which are considered a delicacy in Italy and have a variety of different delicious vegan recipes applications.

vegan fried sage


Sage is one of my favourite garden herbs, with basil and rosemar. I find it quite surprising how the vegan fried sage taste becomes much more subtle and delicate once this wonderful garden herb is cooked.

I think this vegan fried sage antipasto dish would work wonderfully with another favourite Italian style antipasto recipe I posted a while back: Vegan olive ascolane style recipe so make sure to try that one too.


The preparation of the vegan fried sage antipasto dish is very quick and easy, and I must add that as this was sage picked from my garden the cost of this recipe was very close to zero! All the extras I need were a 1/2  cup of all purpose flour and 100 ml of cold soda water. Plus some olive oil for pan frying and salt to taste.


This is a very quick recipe, vegan fried sage will only take minutes to make and even less to be consumed by your guests 😉 I recommend a glass of prosecco to accompany this starter or a Spritz

Vegan fried sage Italian food themed antipasto


  • 20 - 30 big fresh sage leaves
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 100 ml cold soda water or cold sparkling water, or cold beer
  • 50 ml olive oil
  • salt to taste


  1. wash the sage leaves and dry over a paper towel or in a salad spinner
  2. prepare a batter by mixing the flour and the cold soda water until it reaches the consistency of double cream
  3. pour all the sage leaves into the batter
  4. heat the olive oil in a non-stick large frying pan
  5. pick each leaves with a pair of tongs and pan fry turning them until golden brown
  6. rest the fried leaves on paper towel to absorb the extra oil
  7. salt to taste and serve

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