vegan mortadella luncheon Italian style recipe
vegan mortadella luncheon

vegan mortadella luncheon Italian style recipe

Vegan mortadella (Italian luncheon vegan version)

Vegan mortadella (Italian luncheon vegan version)

Welcome to my new vegan mortadella luncheon recipe inspired to Italian culinary tradition, but without the cruelty: a delicious vegan version of the typical mortadella.

A fragrant luncheon commonly eaten sliced  with freshly baked bread or for a quick meal.

Another name for this vegan mortadella luncheon is also ‘Bologna’. Typically contains black pepper grains, and sometimes pistachio nuts. In this case I used green olives instead of pistachios as they are also used in some versions.

The recipe is very easy and requires simple ingredients. I left the vegan mortadella luncheon in my freezer overnight after wrapping it into baking sheet and giving it a vegan sausage shape pinched with two clips on both sides. This helped to achieve a firmer constencyafter defrosting it, although you might want to use a little more tapioca flour if you like it firmer.

This vegan mortadella luncheon lasts in the fridge even up to a week, and I have even tried to warm a slice in a pan to make a sort of patty  and it was very tasty as well.

The idea is to have it sliced in a sandwich for a quick work lunch or whenever you have no time.

As a bonus, this vegan mortadella luncheon is also packed with proteins and very healthy. I had a look at the spices used in the non vegan version of this product in Italy, and was horrified at the way this is done.

I hope my recipe can make more meat eaters aware of the cruelty they are causing and the nasty stuff they put in their bodies (not just talking about animal fat but also nitrates and preservatives and salt).

I do hope that recipes such as this vegan mortadella luncheon or the rice paper bacon will also help transitioning vegans not to miss meat based products, with equally tasty vegan alternatives you can make at home without breaking the bank.



1 tin of white beans (pre cooked)
half block of extra firm tofu – about 200 grams
liquid from a tin of betroots for the colour .Tip: I always freeze both aquafaba and beetroot liquid in small containers for a later use.
3 tablespoons of tapioca flour
2 teaspoons agar agar (not necessary but helps to make it firmer)
about 15 green olives, sliced

update on spices: pending on your taste you can use a blend of these spices

fresh of powder garlic


whole black pepper (or ground)

pistachio nuts

sweet paprika

dash of agave



In a pan heat the water and mix the agar agar in it stirring very well
Put all the ingredients apart the sliced olives and the pepper grains in a blender and blend until you achieve a nice compact consistency
Place in a bowl and add the olives, pepper and incorporate the jelly water with agar agar melted in it
Mix well
At this stage I pour in a non stick pan and stir the mixture until obtained an elastic consistency (work it with a spatula and it will be easy to shape)
Once cooled, with the help of a baking sheet, shape into a form of sausage and put two clips or elastics on both sides and freeze for at least 4 hours.
Defrost, and it’s all done.
Store in fridge up to 5-6 days


  1. Hi,

    I can’t wait to make this – however the recipe doesn’t list the spicing quantities used!!

    • Profile photo of Sweet as Vegan

      Hello Lizzy,thank you! you will have to taste it as you go as it depends on your preference. For example I added lots of garlic as I love it! But you might find it overpowering, bear in mind it’s made up so it’s a kind of experiment. I think I need to work on improving the texture to more compact, maybe adding some rolled oats? spices are to taste, good luck!

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